Fun Run Club
Fun Run Club

    We partner with local BUSINESSES and CORPORATONS in order to help make our purpose and vision come true. In addition to promoting your business, you will be helping us to grow our kids' division, thus helping to set their healthy liftestyle patterns for the rest of their lives. Also, even more importantly, you will be joining our efforts to assist in our care-giving efforts. A substantial portion of your contributions will go to worthy local and national non-profits. When such contibutions are made, an accompanying certificate, in your name, will be included. In addition, we are establishing a college scholarship program, and part of your donation will be given to a local, deserving high school senior who has excelled in his/her high school track, field or cross country program.


    * Group runs and walks at various distances and paces
    * Networking with others who have the same or similar interests
    * Fun runs for adults and kids
    * Coaching advice for runners who want to take the next steps
    * Merchant discounts
    * Online newsletter about club events, activities and local races
    * Automatic membership to the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA)

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